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    Matt Lister

    Received the question about how to handle Governance Reviews year over year.

    The idea is that the Governance Listing page is dynamic, you can update it everytime something changes and even add notes with the dates you've made comments.  

    After the next meeting or review you can produce a new Governance Report which documents that meeting and data for that time period.

    The listing page continues to stay current and the reporting is saved in Manage Reports (where you can share with a client, each report from each separate meeting each year for example).

  • Matt Lister

    A quick question came in from an advisor about "Benchmarking Unleashed" and Ranking Values

    When all three rankings show the same value does that mean all groups in comparison have that value?

    The answer is No.  The three values represent only 50% of the groups, the middle range between the 25th and 75th.  The ranking report does not show the minimum or maximum of the range.  We do not show the minimum which would be below, to the left of the 25th, as it would appropriately be 0 coverage.  For a different reason, we do not show the maximum value, to the right of the 75th, as any group seeking the highest level of coverage should only be confined by underwriting and their budget, not necessarily a competitive range.  For custom reporting to reveal smaller ranges, for example, the top 10% please contact our support team to explore a project.

    For a more detailed explanation of ranking values please read "Explaining Quartiles used in Benefits Basic Ranking"



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